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74.25% of the electoral register participated in parliamentary elections

Tibisay Lucena president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), reported over 96% of the votes counted and a participation of 74.25% of the registered voter list, during the parliamentary elections developed on Sunday to elect 167 deputies to the National Assembly.

"To all the people thank you very much and congratulations on this great day", said Lucena.
In this election, with 96% of votes counted, the rightwing won 99 deputies, while the Great Patriotic Pole won 46 and 22 seats still pending to allocate.

After knowing these results, President Nicolas Maduro, gave a statement from the Miraflores Palace, which recognized the results and considered the triumph of the rightwing had its basis in the economic war, which resembled the destabilization perpetrated by the great imperial powers against governments like Salvador Allende in Chile.

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