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New Economic Plan Will Spur Production, Supplies and Fair Prices

The new economic plan announced this week by the Bolivarian government will spur production, supplies and fair prices to begin the move “towards a new domestic economic order,” indicated President Nicolás Maduro.

This is  “a large scale plan, with greater reach, for the growth of production in the new productive economy … it is a guarantee of supplies, of satisfaction of needs, and it is a guarantee of fair prices,” the President explained. 

He noted that the new project is different from policies adopted towards the end of 2013 because this plan is aimed at making structural changes needed to impact the rentier economic model. “In November we took a first step and made important achievements to guarantee Venezuelan families a happy Christmas; we achieved that.  Now we will concentrate on economics,” he said.

Production: A Fundamental Pillar

President Maduro indicated the production must be one of the pillars of this new economic plan.  To that end, he called on the country’s governors and mayors to encourage the development of production within their districts.

Vice President Jorge Arreaza also explained the mechanisms the Maduro administration will apply to incentive national production in meetings with members of public factories, mixed enterprises and private businesses. “We will speak to workers, we will find solutions to increase our productive capacity and understand why there is idle capacity,” he said.  Arreaza assured that this strategy would support honest businesspeople who truly want to work for Venezuela.

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / April 23, 2014

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