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President Maduro : In Venezuela There is a Majority That Wants to Prosper in Peace

From the Miraflores Palace in Caracas , President of the Republic , Nicolas Maduro , said on Thursday that in Venezuela there is a majority that want to prosper in peace and a minority who believe and receive important resources for maintaining foreign and terrorist guarimbas attacks.

He said that from the outside there is also a fierce media campaign to show Venezuela in chaos . He stressed that there is no chaos, because the majority of Venezuelans "We are dedicated to work, to educate our children, grandchildren, to study, to train, to good daily work," he said.

In this context, he said: " Today I will show these two worlds: the one of work, positivity, love, that believes in the country, the majority of Venezuela, and the other side that shows the media of the national bourgeoisie and the world as a violent Venezuela, taking the wrong path of violence, a minority, that has tried to fill us with chaos and violence and impose a far right government to end the constitutional rights and to make our country kneel to the imperial economic power, " the president said.

He reiterated that "just work, love of country and the genuine feeling of love for our children is what will allow Venezuela to move forward in this century."

He warned that the country is facing "a fascist resurgence", an attack of terrorist groups in the service of the Venezuelan right, has caused destabilization scenarios in the country, affecting the lives of children, youth and adults.

In this regard, he condemned the fire last Tuesday by terrorist groups of the Ministry for Housing building, located in the municipality of Chacao, Miranda state, an event that threatened the lives of 1,200 workers and 89 children who studied in a preschool located in this building.

He reported that the authorities managed to arrest one of the eight people responsible for this fire. "In an investigation conducted by the Venezuelan authorities they discovered that he is a Popular Will Party militant and says he came for a coup de’etat in Venezuela," said the head of state.

"Whoever works overcomes, ( ... ) I want the good Venezuela to mobilize, there is a great rebellion of good Venezuela for peace and love against those who want to impose violent models of the unpatriotic" he said.

AVN / Press-Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / April 4, 2014

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