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The main function of the Embassy of Venezuela consists of serving as an official channel of communication between the Government of Venezuela and the Government of the United States of America.

The Embassy represents and promotes the Venezuelan interests in the United States, and develops political, economic, commercial, cultural and military cooperation between both countries. It organizes visits of Venezuelan government's officials, representatives of the National Assembly and of other national, regional and local governmental organizations. It also participates in the negotiations of treaties or bilateral agreements.

In order to make his job, the Ambassador is supported by different sections conformed by professionals in different areas.

The Political Section is in charge of watching developments related to both the foreign and the domestic policies of the host country. It informs both to the Ambassador and the government of Venezuela about these developments and advises them in the decision-making processes concerning them.

The Economic and Oil Section is in charge of watching the economy, the energy sector of the economy, commerce and finances of the United States and Venezuela. It provides information to Venezuelan and American companies about business opportunities. Due to the great importance of the petroleum sector in Venezuelan, this Section has a specialist dedicated specifically and exclusively to the area of energy. This specialist ensures communications between the energy authorities of the United States, the Venezuelan Ministry of Energy and Mines and the state owned oil Venezuelan company, Petróleos de Venezuela - PDVSA.

The Press Section analyses the news on Venezuela published in the American media and keeps informed the Ambassador, the Embassy's personnel and the government of Venezuela about them. It analyzes the way the Venezuelan news is covered by the American media and how Venezuela is portrayed by those media. This section is responsible for providing direct information to journalists, and also to the general public by means of the Embassy's Web site.

The Culture Section has the mission to promote cultural and educational ties between Venezuela and the United States, in order to project the positive image of a mighty and innovating nation. It promotes the Venezuelan artists and their arts. It spreads the Venezuelan culture through exhibitions, concerts, conferences and presentations at the Embassy and also at other cultural spaces of the United States. It serves as a link between American institutions and personalities related to the American culture and arts and their Venezuelans colleagues. It also provides information to the general public concerning Venezuelan institutions, Venezuelan history, Venezuelan folklore, Venezuelan places.

The Embassy performs also consular functions by means of its Consular Section in Washington D.C., and supervises the activities of the Venezuelan consulates located in Boston, Chicago, Houston, Miami, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Consular services include the issuing of visas, legalization of documents with effects in Venezuela, and the issuing or renovating of passports for Venezuelan citizens. The Consular Section in Washington D.C. and the Venezuelan consulates in the US are also centers for the Venezuelan citizens to register and vote in Venezuelan national elections.

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