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The Bolivarian Hall


"El Salón Bolivariano" was born out of the initiative of ambassador Bernardo Alvarez to create a landmark location in Washington DC to promote Venezuelan culture.

We present this hall considering it will be a wonderful place for cultural exposure and a great honor for the Venezuelan artists participating in its activities.





2443 Massachusetts Ave. NW. Washington DC, 20008



  • To promote the different cultural manifestations that occur in Venezuela.
  • To bring together in important cities such as Washington DC, Venezuelan
    artists who have a successful career in Venezuela or abroad, hence creating
    a process of inter-relations and musical exchange between them.
  • To create and encourage unity through cultural values.
  • To create a yearly cultural landmark event of Venezuela in the US with the
    concert series "Venezuelan Sounds".
  • To transform the image of Venezuela by way of projecting its performing
    arts and artists. In a country with over 200 different musical rhythms
    across the territory, this space will be a vehicle of getting this fact out
  • To bring an opportunity to the Venezuelan artists to promote themselves
    with the international audience that is found in Washington DC.

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