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Baseball: The most popular game in Venezuela. Any town of fair size has its own stadium and team, which often plays with those of neighboring towns.  From these humble teams have come out many of the Venezuelan players who have done remarkably well in the United States major leagues. The baseball season runs from the middle of October to the middle of February.


Football:  Soccer was played in Venezuela long before baseball became the national game. It is still played but not to the extent of baseball. American football is unknown in the country.

  Water Sports:  With 1,750 miles of coastline on the warm Caribbean, it is naturally expected that all water sports-swimming, fishing, water skiing, skin diving and so on are popular.



Fishing: Deep-sea fishing off the Venezuelan coast is about the best anywhere.  An annual marlin tournament is held here; in fact, a world record was caught in these waters a few years ago.  

On this subject, Al Mc Ready writes in the Oregonian, from Portland Oregon: “The Venezuelan shore along the warm, blue Caribbean has some of the loveliest unspoiled palm-fringed white sand beaches in the world. 

And sports fisherman declare the Venezuelan billfish are the world’s biggest, fight ingest and most plentiful. 

The annual marlin tournament in September is gaining international fame among deep sea trollers, taking the play away from the older and better-known Hawaiian billfish competition.”


Golf: There are golf courses in several cities in the country. In Caracas and its surroundings alone there are 4-18 hole golf courses.



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