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The Flag



The Venezuelan flag is rectangular, with three horizontal stripes of equal width: yellow, blue, and red. Yellow stands for the richness of the Venezuelan earth. Blue, for the immense sea separating Venezuela from Spain. Red, for the blood that was spilled in the battles for independence.

In the center of the blue stripe there are eight stars in the form of an arc, representing the eigth original provinces that formed the Capitania General of Venezuela declaring their independence on July 5, 1811.  The Coat of Arms has been added to the upper left corner of the flag.



Coat of Arms



The Coat of Arms of Venezuela is partitioned into three sections: yellow, blue, and red. The right section is red and shows a sheaf of wheat, symbolizing the union of the Venezuelan States. The left section is yellow with two crossed swords and two flags entwined by a laurel wreath, as an emblem of victory; the third section occupying the entire lower half of the emblem, contains an indomitable white horse, the symbol of liberty and independence.

The cornucopias and a ribbon with the colors of the flag uniting the laurel and olive branches bears the following inscription “República Bolivariana de Venezuela; Independencia, 19 de abril de 1810; Federación, 20 de febrero de 1859.”

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