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       Venezuela is blessed with geographic diversity found virtually nowhere else on Earth; tropical rain forests cover half of the country south of the Orinoco River; in the southwestern region of Guayana, tabletop mountains rise vertically over 1,000 meters from the jungle floor, inspiring Arthur Conan Doyle´s tale of the “Lost World;” the vast central plains, which contain the heavy-oil rich Orinoco Belt, stretch westward to the Andes mountains, where high peaks are perpetually capped in snow while 2,800 kilometers of spectacular Caribbean beaches from the northern coastline.

There is a real Venezuela and a Venezuela of a spirit.  Both endure in the labor of those who till the land, of the shepherd, the worker, the artisan, the folk artists.  Venezuela is found in an old home untouched by time, in a fortress in a tower, a street, a town, a region, all treasured as witnesses to the nation’s memory and intensity.


Natural Resources Policy

The Ministry of the Environment is in charge of the planning, administration- and allocation of natural resources and serves the population by contributing to the defense and improvement of the environment in which we live.

  The Ministry watches over the conservation of wildlife and vegetation and the rational use of water resources, soil, and atmosphere.  It also creates the necessary basic structures for such purposes, sees to compiling of scientific and technological information regarding environmental matters, and acts within the limits of a policy ensuring that no irreversible harm will be suffered by the environment, and that future generations will in no way be endangered.


Ministry of Environment (spanish)


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